About me

My name is Kari Salminen and I’m a Finnish guy living in Turku, Finland. You can reach me by email at buddha NO_SPAM_REMOVE_THIS_TEXT AT scummvm DOT org or you might catch me or not on #scummvm IRC channel on freenode (My nick on IRC is Buddha^).

During summer of 2008 I worked on adding support for Delphine‘s adventure game Operation Stealth to ScummVM.

During summer of 2007 I worked on bettering the ScummVM’s AGI engine which makes it possible to play Sierra‘s older adventure games (Like e.g. King’s Quest I-III, Space Quest I-II, Police Quest I, The Black Cauldron, Leisure Suit Larry I etc).

P.S. There’s also some info about me and my doings at my wikipage in ScummVM’s wiki (May be outdated though).


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