Operation Stealth savegame loading works!

Hi! Got Operation Stealth’s savegame loading to work just now. HURRAH! I’m so enormously relieved that I just might explode or something ;-). Yay! Really really good!

The problem was that the animation data table entries were loaded using a different and less complete code when loading a savegame than when running the game and loading the entries using script opcodes like loadAbs, loadAnim etc. So what I did was I made it so that the savegame loading routine uses the exact same functions that are used by the resource loading related script opcodes (The changes I made are r33529 and r33530).

Yay! Next up: Fixing the mouse cursor pointing problem in Operation Stealth (If you point at an object on-screen it’s recognized a bit to the right of its correct location. I think the problem most likely is in getObjectUnderCursor and/or executePlayerInput functions).


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