Savegame format coming together

Hi, this savegame format thing has been getting on my nerves quite a bit. Last night I thought what the hell, I’ll get this done and just hacked together code to get forward (1, 2, 3). Recently I reverse engineered Operation Stealth’s PC version’s savegame loading routine and using that information I wrote documentation of the format to ScummVM’s wiki.

My idea why I wanted to reverse engineer and use the information from the Operation Stealth’s disassembly for the savegame handling is that if I know what the original engine thought was important enough to be saved to a savegame file I can use that information to save pertinent parts of the Cine engine too. So what was good enough for the original Operation Stealth engine should be good enough for the Cine engine as well.

A word of warning about the savegames: The savegames for Operation Stealth are going to be very much a work in progress and therefore backward compatibility can be broken at practically any time and the changing formats will not be supported later. They are only a tool for development. A bit later it’d be very nice to share resources with the SCUMM & Tinsel engines so the three engines could use the same code for handling their savegames.


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2 Responses to “Savegame format coming together”

  1. maros Says:

    hi, how about the save game for Operation Stealth ? I am running it on PC thru winuae emulation, got many uss files, but after loading the sequence the game doesn’t continue. is this fixed somehow ? How can I make a save game in the original game ? In winuae I am using ‘save current state’ function. Thanks !

    • Buddha Says:

      Just look in your Operation Stealth’s original reference manual. There it’s told how to save your game.
      Sorry, but can’t help you further as being part of the ScummVM team I don’t want to give
      the impression that ScummVM supports piratism because that would put the whole project
      at risk for legal action. So if you haven’t pirated the game, fine, if you have then just try
      to buy the original on eBay (I just looked and at least 5 copies were being sold currently)
      to get legit.

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