Bughunting season

Hi! Last week went mostly in bughunting as the next ScummVM release is being prepared and bugs are being fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that made Amiga and Atari ST versions of Future Wars crash right in the beginning. Seems like the script writer for those Future Wars versions made a typo (He tested local variable 251 in the scripts when he meant to test *global* variable 251). So it was a bug in the original game’s scripts.
  • Worked on reducing the Cine engine’s BSS size (i.e. reducing the amount of global variables that are allocated statically and increase the size of the executable. Here’s a patch for it). Got a nice 64kB reduction in the BSS size.
  • Tried to fix a release critical bug that makes the current ScummVM code not be able to load some Future Wars savegames that were made with 0.11.0 or 0.11.1 releases of ScummVM. Haven’t yet been able to fix it completely, but I’ve got an idea what’s making it bug at the moment (Thanks to wjp for his help with this bug).

So now I’ll try to get that release critical savegame loading bug fixed first and then it’s onto fixing Operation Stealth’s savegame support (Which doesn’t look *so* intimidating anymore after all this looking into Cine engine’s savegame format).


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