Making Operation Stealth completable

Hi! With the mid-term goals done and the bathroom door crash fixed I’m now setting out to make the PC version of Operation Stealth completable. My plan is to try to play through the PC version of Operation Stealth and fix any showstopper bugs along the way (i.e. bugs that keep me from completing the game). In addition I’ll also try to fix any seriously annoying bugs like e.g. the current mouse cursor pointing problem (You can’t just point to an object onscreen to access it but you have to point a bit to the right of it).

After I get the PC version completable it’s time for all the non-crucial stuff like fixing the music, sound effects, graphic glitches etc. And then there’s also the matter of making sure that the Amiga and Atari ST versions are completable too. So all in all a lot to do! But let us not lose hope but push ever forwards ;-).

Ah, and as the saving and restoring of games in Operation Stealth is broken at the moment, that’s the first thing to be fixed before the completion journey begins.

P.S. I’ll be making blog posts along the way as I get further towards completing the game.


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