Mid-term goals done

Hi! The last of my mid-term goals (The actor animation regression) got nailed this week.

Here are my recent achievements:

  • Implemented resetGfxEntityEntry function in r32848
  • Fixed addAni function in r32850
  • Fixed and implemented the rest of processSeqListElement function in r32874

And I’ve been documenting the Operation Stealth’s disassembly generally along the way a bit too.

What next?

I’ll probably try to nail the sprite related problem when trying to enter the bathroom in the airport (In the very first scene of Operation Stealth, that is). There’s a bad memory allocation happening when one walks to the bathroom door and the door should open. It happens because of trying to allocate some humongously – and very erronously so – large array.

Also saving games in Operation Stealth is broken at the moment, so that’s one quite integral thing that could use some fixing too.


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2 Responses to “Mid-term goals done”

  1. Scott Says:

    Awesome work. Keep up what you’re joing, Operation Stealth is one of my favorite games! I’d love to see it compatible with ScummVM

  2. Buddha Says:

    Thanks. I’m just now starting on making Operation Stealth’s PC version completable under ScummVM and if things go smoothly you’ll be able to play the game with glitching music and perhaps some graphic glitches in a couple of weeks. If things don’t go smoothly (e.g. I encounter some nasty bugs) it may be longer. When the game’s completable it doesn’t mean it’ll be polished though (e.g. music currently doesn’t work correctly etc).

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